My very revealing Q&A with actor Matthew Lilliard

I have done hundreds of interviews in my life, but few have ever been as revealing, honest, almost visceral as the one I did with Matthew Lilliard on Monday, October 1, 2012. It was at the NYIT auditorium and Lilliard left it all on the floor. It was almost as if he were bearing his soul on everyone because it was too heavy to carry. The video you are about to see is a condensed version of what was an hour long confession on acting and directing and the hard effort into making cinematic art. Thus, we were all given a remarkable and heartfelt look at the work of Lilliard as a director and a retrospective at an actor who struggled and succeeded in making a living in his craft.

Video: My 1 on 1 interview with “How I Met Your Mother” actor Josh Radnor

A few months ago, the Center for Communications, a non-profit independent media forum to bridge the gap between the communications industry and the schools, asked me to moderate an exclusive Q&A with Josh Radnor from CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother” on his new movie “Liberal Arts” at the SVA. The movie was charming, simple, smart and funny and so was Josh. He doesn’t open as much, but he did here… of course! We talked everything from his affection for classical music, how to tell a story, his CBS show HIMYM, and how to get into the film business when no one wants to help you. Hope you enjoy it!

My picks for Best Halloween films of 2012, plus Oscar Best Picture talk on VH1 Big Morning Buzz!

It’s Halloween and movie award season all rolled up into one. So to kick things off, I visited my fab VH1 familia in Times Square to share some wisdom on some very good horror movie options in theaters, for adults and kids, as well as what the frontrunning films are right for Best Picture at the Oscars in February. Take a look…

Jack Rico On Horror Movies To See & Leading Oscar Contenders ( Ep. 615 ) from Big Morning Buzz Live | Show Clip| VH1.comJack Rico On Horror Movies To See & Leading Oscar Contenders: Jack Rico talks about movies to see for Halloween and movies to look out for come awards season. Check out more VH1 shows, interviews and photos at

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